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German National Dance Congress Project
(tanzkongress Deutchland 22')

Project Overview


Leading the social media strategy for the German National Dance Congress, my role was pivotal in transforming its digital presence. By leveraging original content and interactive strategies, we significantly raised brand awareness and audience engagement in the dance community.

In the dynamic and culturally rich landscape of the German National Dance Congress, I spearheaded a comprehensive social media strategy that breathed new life into the event's online presence. This initiative was characterized by a blend of original content creation, trend interpretation, and community building, all aimed at enhancing brand visibility and fostering a deeper connection with the dance community. Our approach was innovative, leveraging the power of social media to not only promote the Congress but also to engage with a broader audience by demystifying the world of contemporary dance and making it accessible to all.

Challenge: Navigating the conservative nature of the state-funded theatre environment and bringing a contemporary digital approach to the forefront posed a significant challenge. The goal was to engage a modern audience while respecting the traditional ethos of the Congress.

Solution: The strategy involved a multi-faceted approach

Content Strategy: Implemented a content strategy that combined the elegance of dance with relatable, modern social media trends. This included humorous takes on industry topics and behind-the-scenes insights, making the world of contemporary dance more accessible and engaging.

Community Engagement: Focused on building a strong online community by introducing key company members in a relatable and humorous manner, aligning with current social media trends to boost brand awareness, particularly in the lead-up to auditions and season announcements.

Viral Content Creation: Produced viral content that captured the essence of the Congress, such as a video celebrating the return to live performances post-COVID, which resonated deeply with the dance community and beyond.

Tanzkongress in Numbers

Project Gallery

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Significant Digital Transformation:

Successfully transformed tanzmainz's digital image, making it a leading voice in the dance community on social media.

Increased Brand Awareness:

Through strategic content and community engagement, significantly raised the brand's profile, attracting a larger and more diverse audience to the Congress.

High Audience Engagement:

The humorous and relatable content led to high levels of audience engagement, further solidifying the brand's presence in the digital space.

Visual Tanzkongress 2022.jpg


Revitalized Online Presence:

Revamped the Congress's online presence, making it a go-to resource and community hub for dance enthusiasts and professionals.

Expanded Reach and Visibility:

The effective use of social media significantly expanded the reach and visibility of the Congress, attracting new attendees and participants from a wider geographical and demographic spectrum.

Strengthened Community Ties:

The approachable and engaging content helped to strengthen the bond between the Congress and its audience, fostering a sense of community and belonging among dance enthusiasts.

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The German National Dance Congress project demonstrates the transformative power of a well-crafted social media strategy in the arts sector. By blending creativity, humor, and strategic communication, the project not only amplified the event's digital presence but also played a crucial role in connecting the dance community in a meaningful and lasting way.

Engaging the Dance Community through Viral Collaboration:

Strategic Branding 

In a strategic move to broaden our outreach, we collaborated with the viral dance sensation, Somatic_based_content_only, to create a series of engaging memes and posts. This initiative was more than just a fun venture into the world of viral content; it was a meticulously planned strategy to resonate with the wider dance community while disseminating crucial information about accessible online workshops and seminars during the Congress.

Our approach tapped into the universal language of humor and relatability that memes offer, making our content instantly shareable and appealing. This not only amplified our reach within the dance community but also acted as a gateway for spreading awareness about our free online resources. The result was a unique blend of entertainment and education, successfully capturing the attention of dancers and enthusiasts worldwide, and directing them towards valuable educational opportunities offered by the Congress.

This collaboration highlights the power of creative partnerships in expanding the impact of cultural events, showing how viral content can be leveratively used for both engagement and informative purposes.

Collaboration with Somatic_based_content_only

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