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Tanzmainz Digital Transformation

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Together with a team of creatives, I co-pioneered Tanzmainz's entrance into the digital age, balancing traditional theatre's gravitas with the vibrancy of social media.


At Staatstheater Mainz, I played a central role in propelling Tanzmainz's social narrative forward, orchestrating a strategic approach to social media that resonated with contemporary audiences. I brought a wealth of strategic knowledge to a team of dedicated creatives, driving the initiative that transformed a state-funded theatre's conservative image into a dynamic digital force.

With a vision to merge the expressive art of dance with social media's expansive reach, our collective effort was to introduce Tanzmainz to a broader, digitally-savvy audience. I spearheaded the strategy that leveraged trends and created original content, catalyzing an explosive growth in ticket sales and audience anticipation.

Our grassroots campaign, initiated without a budget, culminated in a thriving online community and unprecedented visibility for the company. Under my strategic leadership, the Instagram platform we nurtured became instrumental in amplifying Tanzmainz’s voice, from announcing global auditions to reinforcing the company's progressive values.

The success of this digital leap was a testament to the strategic planning and teamwork, setting a new precedent for how traditional arts can engage with modern technology, and leaving a lasting legacy for the PR department to continue our strategic vision.

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En Pointe Storytelling: Tanzmainz's Digital Narrative

At Tanzmainz, my role was to weave a digital tapestry that communicated key announcements with original flair. From season launches to auditions and special guest choreographers, each message was crafted with a blend of innovation and brand-aligned storytelling. We transformed industry trends into engaging narratives, enhancing Tanzmainz's brand awareness in the digital dance world. A touch of humor became our secret ingredient, turning potential setbacks into opportunities for organic engagement. For instance, after a brief Instagram ban due to a posting error, we bounced back with a witty take on the situation, humorously linking it to our show's promotion. This approach not only humanized our brand but also deepened our connection with the audience.

One of our most viral moments was a creation of mine - a video encapsulating the exhilarating return to the stage post-Covid. This piece captured the collective sigh of relief and joy from dancers eager to perform again. Its playful, cool transitions and heartfelt emotion resonated deeply with our followers, showcasing the human side of our artists and the passion that drives Tanzmainz. This content exemplified our strategy of marrying humor, trend interpretation, and original storytelling to not just inform but also entertain and engage our audience on a profound level.

Post covid viral video

Instagram ban

"Hey! What do you do for a living?"

- Ehuuum, I work here, at Tanzmainz 

Bringing Dancers Closer
Tanzmainz’s Social Strategy

Inspired by popular social media trends, we introduced our core members through fun, relatable content. Our "What do you do for a living?" campaign broke down the mystique around dancers, showing them as approachable and just like anyone else. This strategy not only engaged our audience but was instrumental in building brand awareness, especially before audition announcements, making our company more accessible and familiar.

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Get to Know Tanzmainz

Tanzmainz, the contemporary resident dance company of Staatstheater Mainz, represents a fusion of artistic innovation and dynamic performance. Known for their captivating choreography and engaging narratives, they bring a fresh, modern perspective to the world of dance. With a commitment to pushing creative boundaries, Tanzmainz has carved a niche for itself as a prominent force in the contemporary dance scene.


Dream team

In the transformative journey of Tanzmainz's digital presence, a dream team emerged, each bringing unique strengths to redefine the social media landscape for a dance company. Amy Josh helmed management with her strategic vision, while Madeline Harms crafted compelling narratives as our copy expert. Zachary Chant, from DeDa Productions, brought our visions to life through stunning production trailers and photographs. I, John Wannehag, steered our course as the social media strategist and content producer, weaving together these diverse talents. Our collective goal was not just to set a new standard for dance company social media but also to cultivate a vibrant online community for our devoted followers and fans.

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