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Playology Social Media Projects Portfolio Breakdown

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As the social media strategist and content producer for Crayola Silly Scents, my role was to elevate the brand's digital presence, crafting a campaign that resonated with the creativity and fun intrinsic to the product. By leveraging holiday themes and lifestyle integrations, we positioned Crayola Dough as a creative and engaging option for kids and families.

In the Crayola Dough Social Media Campaign, I undertook the challenge of infusing brand awareness, creativity, and strategic marketing to enhance the product's digital footprint. My focus was on harnessing the festive spirit of various holidays and integrating lifestyle elements to appeal to our target audience. By creating compelling and vibrant content, we aimed to inspire creativity among children and present Crayola Dough as an enriching and enjoyable activity. The campaign was meticulously planned, encompassing various aspects of social media marketing from content creation to community engagement. 

Challenge: The primary challenge was to generate substantial brand awareness and position Crayola Dough as a top-of-mind creative product for kids. We needed to create a campaign that not only showcased the product's fun and creative aspects but also resonated with parents looking for engaging activities for their children.

Solution: To address this, we developed a series of holiday-themed campaigns, leveraging the excitement around occasions like Easter, Halloween and Christmas to integrate Crayola Dough creatively. Additionally, a collaboration with Burger King was initiated, blending the worlds of fast-food and creative play. The content strategy was designed to be visually appealing and interactive, encouraging user-generated content and increased community engagement.

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Increased Brand Visibility

The holiday-themed campaigns and Burger King collaboration significantly increased brand visibility. The colorful and creative content caught the attention of our target audience, leading to higher engagement rates on our social media platforms.

Community Growth

We observed a notable growth in our social media community. The interactive campaigns encouraged user-generated content, resulting in increased follower count and higher engagement levels.

Successful Burger King Collaboration

The collaboration with Burger King was particularly successful, integrating Crayola Dough in a unique and engaging way that resonated with both brands' audiences.


Brand Recognition as a Creative Staple:

Crayola Dough was successfully positioned as a creative staple in households, especially during festive seasons. The brand became synonymous with creativity and fun, leading to increased customer loyalty and brand advocacy.

Fostering Creativity in Children:

The campaign played a significant role in encouraging creativity among children. By presenting Crayola Dough as a tool for imaginative play, we contributed to the development of creative skills in our young audience.

Positive Customer Feedback and Engagement:

The campaign received positive feedback from both parents and kids. The interactive nature of the campaign, especially around holidays, created memorable experiences for the families involved, aligning perfectly with the brand's mission to inspire creativity.

Viral Sensations and Strategic Branding 

The Crayola Dough Social Media Campaign stands as a testament to the power of strategic content marketing in building brand recognition and fostering community engagement. Through creative storytelling and interactive campaigns, we successfully amplified the brand's digital presence and engaged with a wide audience of creative minds.

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