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Tanzkongress National Dance Congress Project

Orchestrated the social media presence for Tanzkongress, Germany's National Dance Congress, creating a digital stage that celebrated the art of movement and fostered global connections.

As the Social Media Manager for Tanzkongress, I had the privilege of amplifying the voice of a prestigious event within the dance community. My role was to choreograph a social media strategy that mirrored the congress's passion for dance, inclusivity, and international collaboration.

With over a thousand participants from more than seventy nationalities, the event presented a rich tapestry of cultural expression. My challenge was to capture this diversity and translate it into a digital narrative that engaged attendees and the wider dance community. This meant curating a blend of live performances, lectures, and workshops, and ensuring that the essence of each was felt through our social channels.

A key component of my role was to foster a virtual community that extended the congress's reach. This involved creating original photo and video content that showcased the vibrancy and dynamism of the event, managing cross-continental communication, and engaging with key stakeholders to drive brand awareness.

The success of my efforts was evidenced by the significant growth in online engagement, with substantial increases in followers, interactions, and shares. These metrics underscored the project's impact, as it not only brought the global dance community together but also set a benchmark for future digital strategies in the arts sector.

Power in Numbers






Daily performances

Project Gallery

Impact on Personal Career


Managed cross-functional teams and external partnerships to deliver a seamless event.


Introduced VR and AR to the fashion industry, enhancing customer interaction with the brand.


Played a key role in strategizing how to involve a wider demographic in the emerging Metaverse market.

Strategic Planning

Developed and executed a marketing strategy that balanced education and engagement.

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