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Crayola Dough Social Media Campaign

Led the Crayola Dough Social Media Campaign, transforming traditional toy marketing into a vibrant, community-focused digital experience that connected with families worldwide.

As the Social Media Manager for the Crayola Dough campaign, I steered a dynamic marketing strategy that revolutionized the way we engaged with our youngest consumers and their parents. My mission was to inject creativity, interactivity, and educational value into our social media content, while also emphasizing the product's fun and imaginative play aspects.

I crafted a narrative that resonated with our target demographic by producing original photo and video content, aligning with key holiday campaigns, and creating lifestyle integrations. This campaign was about more than just promoting a product—it was about inspiring creativity and providing valuable play experiences.

I faced the challenge of appealing to a diverse audience, balancing the needs of both children and their parents. By focusing on user-generated content, interactive challenges, and collaborative projects, we built an engaged community around the Crayola Dough brand.

The campaign's success was measured not just in sales but in the smiles and stories shared by families. By leveraging social media analytics, we fine-tuned our approach to maximize reach and impact, turning the Crayola Dough brand into a household name associated with quality, creativity, and fun.

Power in Numbers






Daily performances

Project Gallery

Impact on Personal Career


Managed cross-functional teams and external partnerships to deliver a seamless event.


Introduced VR and AR to the fashion industry, enhancing customer interaction with the brand.


Played a key role in strategizing how to involve a wider demographic in the emerging Metaverse market.

Strategic Planning

Developed and executed a marketing strategy that balanced education and engagement.

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