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ChainGuardians Phygital Strategy Project

As Project Manager, I pioneered ChainGuardians' Phygital Strategy, integrating blockchain with physical and digital realities to enhance user engagement and brand loyalty.

In the groundbreaking role of Project Manager for ChainGuardians, I was responsible for developing and implementing a comprehensive Phygital strategy that married the tangible aspects of branding with the limitless potential of the blockchain. My approach revolved around creating inclusive, engaging experiences that catered to a diverse audience by bridging traditional web platforms with emerging blockchain technologies, enhancing the narrative of digital interaction.

I introduced innovative solutions to the Phygital space, including immersive storytelling techniques, robust community building, and educational initiatives designed to transition users from conventional to blockchain environments seamlessly. My leadership was pivotal in executing audience expansion strategies, content engagement growth, and educational programs that provided a clear understanding of the metaverse ecosystem.

To measure the effectiveness of these campaigns, I relied on a set of Key Performance Indicators that focused on user interaction across various digital platforms. By analyzing engagement metrics, listens, downloads, and follower growth, I was able to optimize content strategies to ensure they resonated with our target audience and met our ambitious brand goals.

Power in Numbers






Daily performances

Project Gallery

Impact on Personal Career


Managed cross-functional teams and external partnerships to deliver a seamless event.


Introduced VR and AR to the fashion industry, enhancing customer interaction with the brand.


Played a key role in strategizing how to involve a wider demographic in the emerging Metaverse market.

Strategic Planning

Developed and executed a marketing strategy that balanced education and engagement.

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