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Artist Statement

I’m a sensitive emotionalist with an inability to keep my voice from being heard. I tell stories, stories that try to capture the essence of human interaction in an honest and simple practice. As a film maker, I often imagine seeing the world burn from behind a key hole, distanced from the wreckage, but still trying to put out the fire. My work is unwilling to censor what is happening around us. I use movement as the spoken language to tell stories about death and morality, human relationships and emotions, struggles and victories, social injustices. My work rarely creates movements, but rather draws the movement out of an idea. It is within subtle gestures, everyday human interactions, movements that already exist, that I find the story I want to tell embedded within. My work often has a dichotomy of sensitivity and explosiveness, sensuality and conflict. My experience with film brings a cinematic style to my work through music, lighting, and overall experience of the piece. Through conversations and conflict, I develop physicality, rhythm, and ritual, that is generated from a real place of humanity.


I use imagery and movement inertia to develop my language, to capture the essence of what something is from the inner most truth. A simple look of the eyes, point of the finger, and connection of 2 bodies are just as important as the intention and drive that causes a movement to explode. I try to create images that reminisce a state of transcending: images that work seamlessly with movements, music and lights and bring an overall experience. Through composition and cinematic rhythm, I try to create work that the spectator can experience as a scene in a film shoot entirely in one take with no editing or cuts. Behind every movement is a deeper story, and I invite the audience to see every intimate moment. I strongly believe that movements are everywhere, we just have to open our eyes.

"Yet the biggest success lay in the overall official winner of the category; Young Angry Men(John Wannehag) which complimented visual political narrative with emotive choreography. Tackling the label of “young angry men” blamed for the Stockholm riots in 2013, Wannehag contrasts exagerrated displays of agressive machismo with pensive, vulnerable glmipses of the same young man, stripped and alone in a house.

Alice Frances alias THE411(435)





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