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New York Fashion Week
Meta Street Wear Collection

$2.1 M

226 M


Leading the Phygital Meta Street Wear showcase at NYFW, I orchestrated a groundbreaking integration of fashion with the Metaverse, demonstrating the potential of blockchain in the industry.​


As the project manager for ChainGuardians at New York Fashion Week 2022, I spearheaded the launch of the Meta Street Wear collection. This wasn't just a fashion line—it was an innovative Phygital Fashion experience, a strategic campaign designed to blend virtual reality with tangible apparel and introduce the Metaverse as the new frontier of fashion.

My role involved curating virtual reality and augmented reality showcases that allowed attendees to engage with the collection in an immersive digital environment. These experiences were pivotal in demonstrating the synergy between real-world fashion and digital identity—a key goal of the campaign.

I also managed the integration of NFC technology, turning physical T-shirts into keys that unlocked NFT ownership. This strategic move was aimed at engaging a diverse audience, from seasoned crypto-enthusiasts to those new to Web3, with a particular focus on involving more women in the Metaverse space.

The physical runway show, under my direction, featured digital twins from the collection, reinforcing ChainGuardians' vision for a Phygital future in fashion. To ensure a successful NYFW presence, I facilitated partnerships with Playology International, PowerStation Studios, and Portman Street, leveraging their expertise in merchandising, creative development, and E-commerce.

My project management role was instrumental in educating attendees on the value of NFTs within fashion—highlighting their role in monetization, investment, and anti-counterfeiting measures. This innovative project not only positioned ChainGuardians at the forefront of tech-integrated fashion but also set a precedent for the industry's trajectory into the Metaverse.

Q2 Project Phygital collection Uta limited edition Phygital gift box T-shirt, poster, viny


Project Gallery

Blending Realities
AR, VR, and NFC Innovations Transform Fashion at NYFW

In the ChainGuardians NYFW showcase, we unveiled an innovative blend of AR, VR, and NFC technologies. Attendees were whisked away into an immersive metaverse experience through our Virtual Reality setup, engaging with our Meta Street Wear collection in a fully interactive digital space. Augmented Reality allowed guests to virtually try on our vibrant attire, bridging the gap between digital and physical like never before. The NFC-enabled t-shirts further expanded this boundary-pushing concept by linking each garment to a unique NFT, granting owners access to exclusive digital content and experiences. This trinity of AR, VR, and NFC not only enriched the fashion showcase but also set a new standard for interactive consumer engagement.






Playology int.


  • Integrating a blockchain brand into the elite fashion world.

  • Ensuring the high-tech elements resonated with a fashion-forward audience.

  • Capturing mainstream media attention in a saturated event like NYFW.


  • Collaborated with renowned fashion designers to create a collection that spoke to both tech and fashion.

  • Leveraged AR and VR to create interactive and memorable experiences for attendees.

  • Executed a strategic PR campaign to highlight the innovation, resulting in substantial media coverage.

Challenges & Solutions

Impact on Personal Career


Managed cross-functional teams and external partnerships to deliver a seamless event.


Introduced VR and AR to the fashion industry, enhancing customer interaction with the brand.


Played a key role in strategizing how to involve a wider demographic in the emerging Metaverse market.

Strategic Planning

Developed and executed a marketing strategy that balanced education and engagement.

Chainguardians NYFW Promo

Chainguardians NYFW Promo

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